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The overall prevalence of diabetes in Illinois was 9.1% in 2015, but varied from 7% (3 counties) to 13% (34 counties). In 2017, the prevalence had risen to 11% in Illinois, with a state ranking of the 17th highest prevalence rates.

The University of Illinois Extension addresses this need through a number of face-to-face and online resources, such as this portal.

These resources are not meant to replace medical advice, and are a source of information only.

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Medical Perspective

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Everyone knows that exercise is good for you, but most people don’t exercise. How do you move from knowing to doing? Take a good, honest look at why you are not exercising.   


Food and Diabetes

Checking blood sugar

Bad weather can happen wherever you live. It is important that you are prepared for any severe weather that may come your way. While most people worry about passports, phone chargers and family pets, individuals with diabetes need to worry about additional items.

Recipes and Menu

Crunchy Broccoli Slaw

Calories per Serving: 121