Meal Planning Tips & Tricks

An important step in managing your diabetes is planning meals. This can be fun! Think about these tips as you think about your weekly shopping trip.  

  1. What is in season? During meal planning, make sure to consider what foods are in season. These foods are typically cheaper and taste better. If you aren’t familiar with what produce is in season, check out this helpful list from the USDA here.  

  2. What’s on sale this week? Check store flyers, newspaper inserts, and coupon sites online at your favorite stores. Using these can help you figure out what store or stores to shop at this week. 

  3. Check your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer before leaving for the store. Checking to see what you have at home stops you from buying things that you might already have taking up space in your pantry. This is also a good step in selecting meals for the week, to use ingredients you have. 

  4. What would you like to cook using these sales and seasonal ingredients? Now that you have identified what’s for sale and in season, you need to come up with some recipes.  


You don’t have to prep 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. Selecting 4-5 recipes will give you meals and leftovers during the week and allow for some flexibility during your week. If you are struggling for some inspiration on recipes for your week, explore our recipes page here.  


  1. Check quantities for recipes you have selected. Recipes are typically scaled for families. Check to make sure you don’t over-buy and end up wasting food.  


If you are looking for tips geared to shopping with diabetes, check out an article with tips for reading nutrition labels reading here.