Weight Management with Diabetes: A Successful Tool

Excess weight often leads to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means that  the body needs more insulin to move glucose from the blood into cells. This leads to elevated blood sugar levels. Losing weight can improve insulin resistance.  

Almost 90% of those with type 2 diabetes are also overweight or obese. Preventing this weight gain or losing excess weight can reduce complications of diabetes and lower the risk for other diseases.1 Losing 5-10% of overall body weight can improve blood glucose control.1 For those with prediabetes, this weight loss lowers the risk of developing diabetes by 58%.2  

Losing weight can be difficult, so here are some tips and tricks to lose weight and keep it off.3 Making sure you set realistic goals within a reasonable time frame allows for slow and steady progress. 

Decrease in calorie and fat intake  

Try writing down everything that you eat/drink to understand what you are really eating. Looking at serving sizes and portions allows you to understand changes to aid in weight loss. If you eat when you are upset or sad, add the reasons you eat meals or snacks.  

Staying physically active most days of the week.  

Eating breakfast daily. 

 This meal should include carbs, fats, and protein to maintain blood sugar levels and improve satiety.  

Weighing yourself one time per week.  

This works for some people. For others it can add to the frustration. If you are frustrated with the lack of changes on the scale, try measurements or examining how some of your favorite clothes fit lately.   

Watching less than 10 hours of TV weekly.  

Screen time is often sedentary time. Finding activities to do that incorporate movement will aid in weight loss.  

Be kind to yourself 

There will be good days and not-so-good days. Each day is a new beginning. 


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