Can Fiber Lower your Blood Glucose Level?

fiber rich foods

Fiber is a substance found in plant-based food like fruits, vegetables, peas, beans, and whole grain breads and cereals. Fiber is not digested or absorbed to the same extent that sugars or starches are.

Fiber from whole grains seems to be different from fiber from fruits and vegetables. Some studies show a protective effect on diabetes prevention, and other studies show a blood glucose effect in people with diabetes. However, recommendations for those with diabetes are not different than for all adults.

A healthy eating pattern will contain:

  • A variety of vegetables from all of the subgroups— dark green, red and orange, legumes (beans and peas), starchy, and other
  • Fruits, especially whole fruits
  • Image removed. Grains, at least half of which are whole grains. Look for the whole grain seal on the front of the package.