Working Out

The physical activity you do is calories out. You can stay in a healthy balance if you pay attention to calories in and calories out.A father and his 2 sons workout together in their living room

There are many different ways a person can work out, but there are many things you need to remember about working out.

The first step in a good work out program is a good warm-up. The warm-up is an activity that gets your heart pumping faster. You should warm-up your body for about five minutes to get your heart rate up; one example of a warm-up could be a light jog.

After your body has warmed up you can then begin your workout. A good place to start would be strength training. The most common way to strength train is using free weights, weight machines and your own body weight.

You do not need fancy weight equipment, as you can use your body weight to increase your strength. You should try to think of which muscles you would like to strengthen and then use exercises that work on those muscles. Some exercises you can try are push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups.

After you weight train it is time for a cardiovascular activity. This can be running, biking, rollerblading, skating or skateboarding. Any activity that elevates your heart rate for a long time can be considered cardio training.

Once you have finished this phase you need to cool your body down. The cool down should be a lot like the warm-up. You will need to do an activity that will get your heart rate back down to its normal level. After your cool down all you have left to do is to stretch out your muscles. Stretching out your muscles will help you relax and make sure your muscles are not sore the next day.