Should people with diabetes avoid eating sugar and sweets?

Doctors once thought that people with diabetes needed to avoid all sugars and sweets. A Nutrition Facts label with added sugars listedToday, we know that sugar and sweets do not raise blood glucose more than other foods that are mostly carbohydrate. People with diabetes should avoid eating sweets instead of healthy foods. 

If you do eat sweets and have diabetes, it is important to count the total grams of carbohydrate in a sweet food as part of your total carbohydrate for that meal. Look at the "Total Carbohydrate" on the Nutrition Facts label to find out how many grams of total carbohydrate a sweet food contains. Think about the total calories in a sweet food. Added calories can lead to weight gain.

It is better to eat a dessert with a meal. This will cause blood glucose levels to rise more slowly.