How do you manage calories out on snowy, rainy or busy days?

2 kids jump on a mattress for a fun way to get active inside Time to get creative. Review the chapter on exercise and think about how to add some “calories out” to those days when you can’t get outside and have so much to do.

A few hops in between studying, or jumping jacks, can help with calories out, reduce stress, and help you stay alert. Picking up books is almost like picking up weights. Try a couple repetitions. Dancing is always a good study break. Remember the suggestions in how to reduce stress? Try

  • Doing sit-ups during TV commercials
  • Take the stairs instead of elevators
  • Walk or ride your bike
  • Play a game of tag or capture the flag

Look at the exercise demonstrations in the exercise chapter. Stretching and easy in-the-house types of exercise don’t need to be done for long periods of times. Doing little things several times a day can help you increase your “calories out” and stay in balance!