Transitioning to Adulthood

Transitioning to AdulthoodMom and Teenage Son Eating Together In Kitchen

Everyone grows up. As you do, you will become more responsible for your health. Remember you are not alone. Lots of teens with diabetes have dealt with the struggles of middle and high school, the challenges of playing sports or joining clubs, balancing overnight trips, friendships, and wondering if you should tell a potential girlfriend or boyfriend that you have diabetes. As you begin to work or volunteer, should you tell your supervisor?

There are no simple answers. Finding in-person or virtual support or peer groups can help you navigate these challenging times. 

The College Diabetes Network site has information about getting ready for college, scholarships, and more. Visit

At the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, you can get connected with outreach volunteers who share their stories and help you build your personal story. The T1D Connections site is a good beginning.  There also is an online help service if you need an answer NOW!